Slot Games

Easiest slot games to win on!

In my opinion only is this article written. I love slots. The longer I get to play the better, and I have played for a long time at my favorite online casinos.

And because of my long slot play I have a few slot games that I consider “old faithfuls”, the ones I always go back to when I am not winning on anything else, and I have decided to share this with you! One of my all time favorite “reliable” slot games is Microgamings “City Of Gold”. It is a 3 reel, one pay line slot game that has multipliers of 2 and 4x. This is one of the best games for a comeback if you’re losing. The wild symbol comes up often and it almost always matches makes for a winning combination with a pair of other symbols. I love this game because you can bet as low as 25 cents, or as high as $10.

Another favorite “reliable” slot game that I have depended on in the past many times to bring me out of a rut is “Sonic Boom” another Microgaming slot machine. This game is great for when you are down to your last dollar of two because it has a minimum bet of only 5 cents! And it has multipliers of 2 xs and 4 xs’s, making it easy to collect those coins to bring up your cash flow. I have played this game many, many times to get back in the swing of things and 90% of the time, this slot game comes through for me! If you take my advice, I wish you luck and may lady luck, or should I say “sonic boom” be with you!